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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

FINALLY! Bead Soup Blog Party Bead Hoarders Edition

I am finally going to get to participate in a Bead Soup Blog Party! This is the whole reason I started a blog! Due to my bad timing and Lori Anderson's unfortunate battle with Lyme disease, I have not been able to be part of any of the previous Bead Soup Parties.  This bead hoarder addition's focus is gift giving. We are to pick one special bead from our stash. One we LOVE! One we may have been saving for just the right time, person, thing.....and trade it with a complete stranger. Here's how it works......

1. You sign up.
2. You pick your bead and package it up.
3. Lori pairs you up with someone else who has signed up. People from all over the world have participated in her Bead Soup Parties.
4. You trade beads with this person.
5. You make something wonderful with the bead you received.
6. You post pictures on your blog all along the way showing what you sent, what you got, what you made!

Everyone shares the experience either on their blogs or on a Pinterest board.  How much fun is THAT!?!