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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Yay! The Bead Soup Blog Party Bead Hoarders' Edition is on! Today is the big reveal. I can't wait to see what everyone has made and I intend to curl up with my laptop and a glass of wine this weekend to check out each and every link. I especially can't wait to see what my partner Judy Jacobs has made with the beads I sent her.  When she posts her creations, I will post them here. 

For now, though, here is what I made with the beads she sent me. She was so generous with the package she sent me. I wanted to use all of the beads and goodies she sent in time for the reveal. But as it was, I was only able to finish one item with the main hoarded bead. She was kind enough to part with a gorgeous glass bead made by a favorite glass artist from Germany.  Anastasia of Anastasia Beads.

So here was the package she sent me.

Here is the bead from Anastasia bead from the package.

And here is the necklace and matching earrings I made. This bead really took me out of my wheelhouse. While I would describe my style as eclectic and evolving, it has mostly been sort of tribal, or boho hippie chic. And I usually use copper in my designs, This bead had a very modern feel to me so I decided to incorporate dark annealed steel into it.  All of the links and the hoops are made of steel. The ear wires are sterling.  The black and grey Czech glass beads mimic the shape of Anastasia's bead. In keeping with many of my designs, I did add soft black leather on the neck with a hand fabricated steel clasp.

I am so happy to participate this year. As I said in an earlier post, I have been wanting to be part of a bead soup swap for years. But the first time I discovered Lori Anderson  

and her swaps, I was too late.  The second time, she got very sick and was unable to continue with the party.    

I'm so glad she decided to do it again! I'm so glad she is feeling better. I know she still struggles with Lyme disease and has many down days, but she is an inspiration to us all.  Thank you Lori from the bottom of my heart. 
If you want to see everything everyone who participated made, click the link below and then click each name. That will lead you to either their blog, or their Pinterest Page. Get a glass of wine and join me this weekend...


  1. That bead is something else! So cool! And so is the necklace you made with it. Really nice work!

  2. I admire that you did such beautiful work with steel! I find it super difficult to bend, and this just looks flawless!

  3. Really lovely work. That bead is sure special,and I love what you did with it.

  4. Beautiful! The steel really did give the piece a modern feel.

  5. Love your necklace and the links you created for it. Great job.
    Janeen Burlingame

  6. very inventive projects!congrats!

  7. I love the focal bead you got and what you did with it. I like that you showed it on the model because it looks great. The earrings are so cute too.

  8. Wow you did an amazing job on that necklace!! I love the earrings too!!

  9. Wow you did an amazing job on that necklace!! I love the earrings too!!

  10. Wow you did an amazing job on that necklace!! I love the earrings too!!

  11. Gorgeous! I'm so super impressed with what you made--the design matches the focal perfectly. I love that you used steel for this set, too--it really complements the design, and makes it both elegant and modern. Fantastic work!

  12. That set is gorgeous! So impressed with the work with the steel. It is so difficult to work with.

  13. Hi Leslie, Even though it is not you usual style you did a wonderful job showcasing that beautiful bead.The steel wire and accent beads that you chose complimented the focal perfectly.

  14. Hi Leslie, this is such a wonderful necklace! I love the hoops on the earrings you made, also. Excellent work, thank you for showing us :)

  15. Love what you've done with Anastasia's lampwork focal bead. Your work looks great!

  16. You did a great job with those beautiful beads!

  17. Lovely!!! The focal is amazing and your design makes it even SWEETER!!!

  18. Oh my, such a lovely set, I would wear that without a doubt.

  19. Wow, steel is really hard to bend isn't it? You did some amazing work with it and really brought out the color of that focal.

  20. You transformed a spectacular bead into a beautifully wearable set! Great work!

  21. That bead is just one of my favorites, and I really liked how you worked with it. Well done!

  22. Leslie - your work as always blows me away. That focal bead is a treasure and you did it justice. Beautiful.

  23. I really like the design of your necklace. It's perfect for everyday wear, but when you look a little closer, you get the surprise of that gorgeous bead and all the work you put into it. It's definitely something I would wear. As such, I like it a lot!! :)

  24. What a pretty set. Great job pulling together beads that really make the focal pop. It's such an interesting bead, and you complimented it perfectly. Worn together or separately, surely you'll enjoy them.

  25. Anastasia beads are the best. I love what you did with yours. So nice to see the sunshine too, great job on the colors, design, etc. Just perfect.

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