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Monday, February 13, 2017

Well I thought I hit pay dirt when I found the Sanctuary in Davidson. A gift shop in the small college town where local artists could consign their hand-made items.

So far, since mid October, I've sold 16 items. What more could I want? A local place to sell my jewelry which I make as a hobby because I just LOVE to make it!  I don't even really wear that much jewelry myself. And I've given a lot away to friends and family. So if it doesn't sell, it just piles up into a mountain of jewelry in my workshop. Oh sure, I get the pleasure of looking at it, fondling it, admiring my own handiwork..... but to have someone like it enough to pay money for it and wear it! Wow! That is a great feeling.  The point is, I HAVE A DAY JOB that pays the bills. I don't want to get rich making jewelry, I JUST WANT TO KEEP MAKING IT!!!

Why the rant?  Well, I just found out that the Sanctuary is closing her doors on March 31st. Whaaaa!  
What now?
Anyway, below are some pics of my handmade creations for sale at the Sanctuary in Davidson NC. 

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