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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yay! Let the Bead Soup Blog Party-Bead Hoarder's Edition begin!  These are my beads wrapped and ready to send to my partner Judy "JJ" Jacobs of Judy Jacobs Art. She is a talented painter and glass artist from California and I am so excited to see what she sends me. I took a peek at her website and her gorgeous paintings.  Check her out here.

Lori Anderson, the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party wanted this party to have a bit of a twist. Instead of sending a whole "soup" as in the past, which included a focal and clasp and assorted beads, she wanted us to look deep into our stashes to find beads that we have been hoarding....special beads we've been saving, because we saw them, we loved them, and we bought them.  BUT, we still haven't figured out what to do with them.  Even though she knew that they would be very hard to part with, she asked that we give from a generous heart. Inside the box are several of these special beads. I can't show them to you yet. Not until after my swap buddy sees them. But soon.

What happens next? I send these beads to her, she sends some to me, we both make something beautiful. Then we show everybody!  In the past, Lori has had a panel of artists pick the ones they like the best and  prizes were given.  The really lucky (and talented) participants got their creations showcased in her book!  see it here.

Also visit her blog Pretty Things to find out more about her and these fun exchanges.  She also makes some pretty cool jewelry herself!

Stay tuned for more pics in the upcoming month.

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