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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Recent Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet and some comments about Fleetwood Mac

We went to see Fleetwood Mac in concert at the Verizon Center in Washington D. C. last night. I paid A LOT of money for good seats because they are my all time favorite band. The last time I saw them in concert was the late 1970s. I was a little disappointed after the first 3 songs they played.  They seemed bored! Imagine these people have been singing these songs together.... the same fabulous songs we have come to know by heart and love....for 35-40 years! I guess I can understand how it would become boring to them. I was getting a little concerned about the lack of energy and enthusiasm but after their dull performance of Dreams,  Lindsay Buckingham started talking to us about how in the music business it pays to take a good thing and run with it....take it as far as it can it into the ground....and then move on.  But as ARTISTS it not a good thing.  What he was about to say was that they were going to play NEW music. Groan. The arena full of mid-lifers came to hear them play their old stuff.  But when they played their new song called Sad Angel they changed. You could see it in their faces (if you had binoculars like me.) They were getting into it. Their energy level rose. And rose. And rose. They were "creating." And it made them happy. After they played that song they did not disappoint. They played all of our favorites with a few new twists.....but they were on fire from there on out! They played and sang the "heck" out of every performance. I don't see how Lindsay Buckingham has any skin left on his fingers by the way he played his guitar. By far it was the best concert I have been to since I saw Billy Joel at the Celebrity Theatre in 1977! They played for 2 1/2 hours and came back for two encores!  And too bad for all of those people who left for their cars to beat the traffic.... they saved the best for last. World Turning, Don't Stop, Silver Springs and especially Say sweet I got teary eyed. Stevie Nicks as beautiful as ever. And Lindsay B. is a sexy 60 something! GO TO THIS CONCERT!

And speaking of creating...... here is a bracelet I made recently in the Chan Luu wrap style. If you like it, you can learn to make it yourself by going to The Bead Shop Tutorials page.  Or you can buy it from me at GreenBirdStudios my Etsy shop.

5 wrap leather, pearls, silk, hand made/forged copper beads.

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