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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back from Soldering Boot Camp...Next stop Daytona Beach

Hi everybody. I have to keep this short because I am getting married in 4 days! Bead Fest was great. I did notice that it was about half the size of the one I went to last August. Kate Richbourg was a great teacher. She had a lot to teach us in a short amount of time, but she was well organized and I got to try a lot of different soldering techniques.  I really enjoyed her personality as well. Positive, friendly, and funny.  I can't wait to get back home and into my studio to practice what I learned.  Below is a pic of my bead show stash. I bought lots of solid copper because now that it's spring and I can open a window (for the all important "proper" ventilation while using MAPP gas) I am going to start enameling. Enamel is colored powdered glass that you use to coat molten glowing hot metal. When the metal cools, the glass hardens on to it.  I bought some gorgeous hand made glass beads to use as focal for pendants and earrings, beads I need to make my "bead people" to sell at the fall craft show, pink opal beads for my breast cancer awareness bracelets, and lots of copper chain. While I was there I ordered some new tools as well. This is a tool intensive hobby folks! Frank has asked me many times...  "How many pliers/hammers do you NEED?!" And I always say "just one more."
Bead Fest Stash
My next class will be at ArtBliss.  I'll be taking another one of Stacie Florer's metals classes. Check out her blog/shop. She is fabulous! She makes gorgeous jewelry, she is a talented writer, and has a lovely perspective on life.

The ring pillow I made for my upcoming nuptials.
Below are some of my bead people. Kids love them! I sold a lot of them to co-workers over Christmas. Going to make them to sell at the Bay Country Craft Show this fall.

Signing off for a few days! Next time I post I will be Leslie Angiolelli. My goodness that's a lot of syllables!

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