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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi. If there is anyone out there actually reading this crazy totally unexpected idea of mine to start a blog and you are interested in knowing more about the Bead Soup Blog Parties....which is why I started blogging... here is a link to explore further. Thanks to Lori Anderson for such a fun idea! Unfortunately I missed the deadline to enter the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party by 2 days!  But you can bet I will be up and ready for the next one.    Bead Soup Blog Party

Here is an image of a copper disc I etched using a rubber stamp and ink resist and ferric chloride. Then I used a little liver of sulphur followed by verdigris guilder's paste to give it an aged looked. Attached a few "dingle bobs" and a length of soft leather and it made a beautiful pendant. There were matching earrings made of three etched discs linked together with copper jump rings each descending in size but I forgot to get a picture before giving the set away as a Christmas gift.

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